It's More Than Punches & Kicks.

At SHAKU Family Martial Arts we believe that the martial arts have the potential to provide enormous benefit to all people. Whether that is actually realized will depend greatly on your choosing the right school for you or your child, based on your family's personal life, philosophy, and objectives. There are many aspects of our schools that influence families to choose SHAKU. Here are some typical reasons...

1. Environment

SHAKU Family Martial Arts Schools are positive places to be! We promote an atmosphere of respect and self-discipline. Our students like being around other people who are positive, hardworking, and respectful. It is this environment or “culture” of our school that is appealing to so many families.

2. Character Education

We teach much more than just punching and kicking! Our character education program is an integral part of the martial arts education our students receive. We don't rest on the reputation that the martial arts develop self-discipline, confidence, respect, integrity, and focus... we actually teach students how to develop these attributes for themselves! Lessons both on and off the training floor give students the opportunity to develop into well rounded martial artists, ready to take on life's challenges.

3. Family

We are a family martial arts school. This creates a positive and healthy atmosphere within the school; one without macho behavior or aggressiveness. Our focus remains on health, fitness, learning, developing lifelong skills, and having fun together.

4. Respect

From the moment you inquire at our school to the day you receive your Black Belt we are committed to you being treated in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner. Our instructors are professionally trained not only in the martial arts but also in the area of developing individual potential. You and your child will be treated as an individual and supported throughout your training.

5. Quality

Our training programs and classes are organized, well-structured and delivered with the highest level of instructional expertise. Rigorous training and the highest standard for attitude and skill development is the result. We are a martial arts school and thus have high expectations for our students.

6. Results

Our students get the results they are looking for! Whether it's getting in shape for adults, learning self-defence or improving confidence and self-discipline for children, our school delivers on what we say we do. Students stay at our school because our training programs improve their lives, and the results are undeniable!

Our School's Mission.

At SHAKU Family Martial Arts, we bring children, adults, and families together in a respectful, safe and dynamic martial arts learning environment. We uncover each student’s individual potential, regardless of age or ability, in the areas of physical fitness, health, and martial arts skill. Our caring and professionally trained instructors embrace and teach our core values of respect, healthy lifestyle and personal excellence.

We empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be successful in the martial arts, in school, at work, and in life. These values are embodied in the achievement of a SHAKU Black Belt.

Meet Helena Greenley
Owner at SHAKU Family Martial Arts in Kingston, ON

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